Active Trading Portfolios

If the Investment Counselling Program (ICP) forms the "core" of our portfolio, then we can consider our Active Trading Portfolio to be the “satellite” portfolio. The two portfolios serve as complements to each other. We allocate funds between the two portfolios depending on where the client lies on the risk spectrum. For instance, the more conservative the client, a higher percentage of the portfolio will be allocated to the ICP portfolio and vice versa.

In our Active Trading Portfolio, we look to concentrate on fewer stocks and trade more actively, based on both fundamental and technical research.  We look for industry trends and invest in best-in-class blue chip companies. The objective of the Active Trading portfolio is to drive portfolio returns to significantly outperform the benchmark and generate more alpha than the ICP portfolio.

In addition, we use alternative funds to diversify away from traditional North American Fixed Income and Equity markets.

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